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If you come to the site to read this blog, you’ll notice a few new things. Yesterday, I replaced the header image and added a new page. Today, thanks to Viviane’s Blogroll, I’ve updated my links list to point at the sites I think are worth a look. Did you know that NYC’s 2009 LGBT Pride March is Sunday June …

Go Iowa!

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Not that I’m a big political animal, but I feel the need to share the good news in Iowa today. Crazy that IOWA is more progressive than most of the East Coast, but there it is.

When I was in college…

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A lot has changed about me since I was a co-ed. Some good and some not-so-good. There is some seriously personal, seriously heavy shit behind the cut. You have been warned…


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Speaking of getting out more often, I’m actually going out tonight to a friend’s birthday party in the city. I’ll be back home tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. Gotta love that warm weather 🙂

An update!!

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Last month I finally bit the bullet and quit my day job. They had been making my life hell for over 20 months and at the prompting for my friends and family, I finally told them where they could shove it – in a very professional way, of course. Even still, it felt pretty good to be rid of them. …

Hiding out

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While at a DFP play party this weekend, I was reminded by a new friend that I hadn’t updated my blog in ages. I have to admit that I’ve kinda been hiding out for the last few months. I could bemoan my existence and list all the whiny reasons, but I’d rather skip that and simply say I’m sorry. I’ll try …

Hi there

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Spent most of this weekend sleeping. Think I’m fighting off a cold. I should be prepping for the New Years Eve party I’m hosting on Wed. night, but I’m just so tired. Had a nice xmas and a good b-day too. Still hate my job. Still unmotivated to do much about it aside from gripe.   Going back to sleep …


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As always, there’s not enough time to catch you up on what I’ve been up to. Suffice to say, nothing too exciting aside from a trip to the Aquarium last weekend with some great people. So much to do this weekend – I need to find a new job (which involves updating my resume, professional website, printed sample book and various …


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And just like that, it’s gone. A big thank you to Soulhuntre for doing the tech work required to make the move. In other news, I’m thinking about checking out this weekend. Any ever been? Planning to go this year? Wanna meet at the cuddle party on Friday night? <grins>

Last chance

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I’m getting ready to pull down my personal site and replace it with this blog and it’s associated pages. Why? I just don’t use it anymore. I haven’t updated the content on it in almost two years and I simply don’t need the stress of my co-workers, or what-have-you, stumbling across it and maybe using it against me. So… before I take it all …