The zoo that is my house

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It’s no secret that I’m an animal lover. Actually, I’ve always been more comfortable with four-legged (domesticated) creatures than with most people. This is not usually news but the last few days have been chocked full of cats & dogs so much so that I haven’t been on cam much. Starting Wednesday afternoon, I took on a 4 day dog-sitting …

Meet the Candidates Night @ TES

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Tonight there is a members-only meeting at TES so everyone can meet the candidates running for the September election. I’ll be there because I’m running for the TES board this year. If you’re a TES member, come to 260 West 36th Street (3rd floor) in New York City tonight at 8pm.

busy weekend

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Friday night, Kimi and I attended a pool party with my bio-family. Then we did some yoga and crashed out. Yesterday, Kimi let me drag her to a Butterfly Festival (pictures coming later tonight) at the local nature preserve. I got my face painted with the rest of the 6 year olds. Then we drove to Daddy’s place and got ready to go …

Had a Great Time at Sandy Hook!

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Daddy David and I spent 7 hours on the nude beach yesterday and I can’t remember a more pleasant day. I’ll write more later (I have to run to a bio-family event tonight) but I wanted to say ‘Thanks again’ for a really great time. And to Soulhuntre, ‘Thanks again’ for being there last night. You mean more to me than …

Going to Six Flags Great Adventure

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I’m going to be the Adult Chaperone for four teenagers – two local girls and two Japanese exchange students. Thankfully, I’ll have my brothers along to help translate for the Japanese kids and to be a back-up Adult presense. Still, I’m a bit worried the American teens are going to try to ‘ditch’ me today … It’s what I would have done at thier age. …

Checklist for Camp

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I’ll try to add to this list as I think of more items to bring. Luckily, I’ll be driving to camp so I don’t have to worry about carrying all this crap on a plane or lugging it around a train. If you notice I’m missing anything, please comment.

The week in review

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Monday I spent the day catching up on e-mail, cleaning my room, doing laundry and generally fucking around the house. Gotta love being unemployed on vacation 🙂 Tuesday I went to visit Uncle Foo with Daddy. We hung out, had some decent food, great conversation and saw the new Pirates movie. Overall, it was a very good afternoon/evening even if it was over 100 degrees outside. …

Off to the beach (via Brooklyn)

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I was plannign to spend this afternoon at Sandy Hook but it looks like I’m gonna get to visit Uncle Foo instead. Cool by me – the beach will still be there tomorrow 🙂 In anycase, I’m going to be away from my machine until Wednesday night / Thursday morning. If you dropped me an e-mail and are waiting for a …

Scene report

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If you want to know what happened to me about a week ago, check out Daddy’s blog. And yep, it was totally as much fun as it sounds! 🙂 I know I owe some folks a few scene reports of my own and I promise I’ll get them up soon but not today. Today, I’m heading to a Bio-Family picnic and then …