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So, Soulhuntre and I are having incredibly wonderful, intense anal sex in my bedroom late this morning before he heads home and just as I’m finishing one hell of an orgasm, I hear my Mother’s frantic yell up the stairs “Are you okay? What are you doing?“

Camp was fun but I’m glad to be home

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I had a good time and even won an award for best newbie – meaning new camper, not new to the scene, but still very funny because I don’t often get to be a newbie anymore since I’ve kinda ‘been there, done that’ for a whole lot of things.  For those that wondered, I was homesick but I managed to get thru …

I’m a Board Member!

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Last night, I was awarded a two-year seat on TES’ Board of Directors. What have I gotten myself into?! Seriously, I’ve got some big ideas (including a total revamp of Prometheus Magazine) but all of it will have to wait until I return from camp next week. I’m leaving in a few minutes and won’t return until Monday. See ya!

Change in my meds and associated nightmares

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A few weeks ago my doctor refused to renew my Xanax refill and instead insisted on an appointment. I understand that my chill-pills can be habit forming and I’m terrified of becoming addicted to one more substance but I’m even more scared of being without mood-altering help. During my check-up I told my doc that I was doing pretty well and that …

Quick note before bed

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Hi all. Today’s interview went really well. I might be offered the job. I have mixed feelings about that. It would be a great career move involving long hours and tons of work (which I love) but it would be very corporate and would mean the end of the cam again. I probably wouldn’t get to spend much time with …

DragonCon ’06 was great!

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I’m finally back home after a really great week filled with friends and fans and my sister and daddy. There were geeks and cute girls and babies and old foggies. The costumes were amazing. The panels were incredible. The stars were cool. Hugs to Joey, Scott, Mystrys, Jen, Keith, Brian and Louis. Ya’ll helped to make my con super cool this year. I’m …

Outta Here!

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I’m off to Dragon Con 2006! Knowing my Daddy, you’ll see us at the con by laptop web cam, mobile PDA phone or wireless something-or-another. Doncha love the tech-talk? Hehehe. Hope you enjoy your long weekend (for those in the US) and don’t get into too much trouble. See ya Tuesday!

Temp agencies suck

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Not that the interview didn’t go well – it did. It’s just that I kinda expect to be treated a little better than random cattle and this place wasn’t used to providing any individual attention. When I got there (with 20 minutes to spare, thanks to Daddy helping me get out fo the house this morning and on to an …

Wish me luck!

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In a few hours, I’ll be in a placement agency’s testing center to prove my knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, Quark, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Fun, right? Hardly! I hear the Word test will take about 4 hours. This is going to be a LONG day. At least I’ll see Kimi tonight and get some girl time in before the …