Checklist for Camp

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I’ll try to add to this list as I think of more items to bring. Luckily, I’ll be driving to camp so I don’t have to worry about carrying all this crap on a plane or lugging it around a train. If you notice I’m missing anything, please comment.

Scene report

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If you want to know what happened to me about a week ago, check out Daddy’s blog. And yep, it was totally as much fun as it sounds! 🙂 I know I owe some folks a few scene reports of my own and I promise I’ll get them up soon but not today. Today, I’m heading to a Bio-Family picnic and then …

Can too much introspection be a bad thing?

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Yes! Especially ill-timed introspection rushed by upcoming deadlines. What am I babbling about? In general – I’m talking about mood swings, transient emotions and a good sense of timing. Specifically – I’m talking about my last post and the events that lead up to it. But wait, there’s more…

I don’t wanna go to sleep away camp

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There are gonna be bugs and mice and bugs and racoons and bugs and no air-conditioning or heaters or room service or replacement towels or fresh linens or any of that hotel stuff. At least we’ll be in a cabin with cots, running water and screens on the windows instead of in tents.

Scaredy Cat

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Yep, it’s official – I spook real easy. Be it roaches, rats or a furry masked bandit with tiny hands … I just don’t want any part of the outdoors after dark. Call me crazy!