Heading to DOSF

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Hey all! I’m getting ready to drive down to DC for 2007’s Dark Odyssey Spring Fire! To say I’m excited would be a drastic understatement:) I have 3 play dates already set up and am hoping to squeeze a few more in but only if there’s enough time to do them right. I wouldn’t want to feel rushed 🙂 I hope your weekend …

TES Meeting this Tuesday

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Over the Edge – When Fantasies Go Too Far with Goddess Tatsumi and Soulhuntre Most of us have disturbing fantasies at one time or another – thoughts of death, drowning, cannibalism, castration or other extreme fetishes. Does that make you insane or evil? Does it mean you really want to do these things? What if your partner has dreams that …

Yummy Casual Sex

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This will be a much longer post at some point but not now. Now, I’m going to sleep and hope the snow/ice/sleet passes us by without doing too much damage. Suffice to say I had a really good time with Jefferson today. With any luck, I’ll be doing it again in the not-so-distant future. Next time I’ll have to remember …

Self-perception is crazy, cruel sometimes.

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In other news, Jefferson (a really cute and talented sex-blogger) put up an awesome description of me being a demo-bunny for Lolita’s wax and fire-play class at Dark Odyssey this past September. You know, I still owe Lolita a cherry pin for that day. And if I had even the slightest inkling that Jefferson had the hots for me – I …

World AIDS Day – Dec. 1st

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Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Day. Today is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Please visit the World Aids Campaign website to see what you can do to get involved. Thanks to the World AIDS Day page on MySpace for this virtual ribbon. Wear your red ribbon today and everyday in support of all the people who …

sex camp limits

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Daddy doesn’t have too many restrictions for me when it comes to playing with other people because the only people I usually play with are either part of our leather-family or pretty close friends. But for camp I was going to be around, and perhaps available to, a whole lot of new-to-us folks so he had to come up with some ground …

Masterbation Material

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I was recently asked about what I use to get off. My immediate response was, I don’t masterbate so I don’t use anything. While that’s true, it’s also a defensive remark that doesn’t supply the requested information. So I’ve thought about it some and here’s what I’ve come up with…


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So, Soulhuntre and I are having incredibly wonderful, intense anal sex in my bedroom late this morning before he heads home and just as I’m finishing one hell of an orgasm, I hear my Mother’s frantic yell up the stairs “Are you okay? What are you doing?“