I’m going back to camp :)

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Taken from the DO website: Imagine a vacation which brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, diverse environment where fantasy becomes reality. Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp 2008, a journey of sexual exploration for the spiritual and creative sex-positive communities returns for its sixth year. It will be held at a secluded, two hundred acre retreat in Northern …


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This past Saturday, Seraphin and I went to the Eighth Annual Butterfly Festival from 12 to 4pm at the Watershed Reserve in NJ. This year there weren’t many types of butterflies but I still took a lot of pictures and had a great time at the visitor center and the various ‘green’ booths. It always strikes me as weird that Lady Bugs, …


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It seems that I am taking on too much (again) and the pressure is so much that I’m letting things slip. I lost my glasses, forgot my keys, left my phone charger behind, and the list goes on. I talked to a few people about it and it looks like I need to cut back in order to regain some …

F*cked up day

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Today was just terrible. If we could go back and erase it, I’d be a happy girl. There were massive layoffs at my job today. A lot of people I thought of as friends are gone – just gone – and that makes me sad. Things aren’t going well for Flagg and that makes me very sad. How’s that song …

“What ever happened to committment?”

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That’s the tag line for some car commercial currrently running during prime time. I don’t know what to say about it, except that it’s a really good question in today’s instant-gratification-mtv-culture. <shrugs>

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2008!

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Another Quick Recap: I got my webcam up and running this past weekend so ya’ll MIGHT be seeing more of me (during evenings and weekends) at some point. I’m rejoining my old gym next week with plans to actually use the swimming pool this time. I’d like to get back in touch with those people I let drift in my recent NRE. If you’re …

Quick recap

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Has it really been 6 weeks since my last post? I’m sorry! Here’s a quick recap: Things are going really well with my girlfriend, Daddy and Kimi. Work still sucks but I love the paycheck so I’m sticking it out for now. I’m planning to take the GMAT exam in the Spring – wish me luck in my studies! My …

Heading to work

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Friday, I got to see my favorite artist with my girl and her family before curling up beside her gorgeous body. Saturday was a wonderful, sleep-filled treat - first with my girl, then with my Daddy. Yesterday, I spent all day with my zoo. I am ready to face the week.

Blunders and weekend plans

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My class at TES on BDSM Blunders went really well last night. Thanks to all who attended and participated. It was especially nice to have my Daddy, Sister and Girlfriend all supporting me. This weekend will be busy in NYC with all the NYLW and PolyNYC events going on, but I’ll be home watching movies, catching up on e-mails, looking …