Another busy week ahead

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A quick overview of the week ahead: Tonight I’m going to spend some time with a friend I haven’t seen in months! Two busy people and many rescheudled meetings = months between trists 🙁 There’s a nor’ easter heading this way so I’m going up to Kimi & Daddy’s place tonight so I don’t have to deal with the weather tomorrow …

The prom was great!

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I had such a good time at TES’ Drag Prom on Friday! I was all dressed up – pictures coming soon – and had 5 scenes over the course of 5 hours. Damn fun, all of it. I have to get some sleep so a full write-up isn’t possible right now but when I get home from DOSF next week, …

Hormones & Mood Swings

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I’ve been bitchy, grumpy and generally moody fo the last week or so. I was planning to blame it on hormones but Daddy tells me there might be more to it. The good news is my mood is improving today and I’m no longer avoiding my medications ‘just cause’. This week looks like it’s going to be another busy one …

TES Meeting this Tuesday

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Over the Edge – When Fantasies Go Too Far with Goddess Tatsumi and Soulhuntre Most of us have disturbing fantasies at one time or another – thoughts of death, drowning, cannibalism, castration or other extreme fetishes. Does that make you insane or evil? Does it mean you really want to do these things? What if your partner has dreams that …

Got a gig!

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In freelancing – when it rains, it pours. I have three different companies looking at me for work over the next few weeks. Since I can’t afford to sit around waiting for the best offer, I’m accepting the shortest term contract (about 3 weeks) and am telling the other two that I will be back in the game and ready …

Ground rules for constructive fighting

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Back in October of 2003, I stumbled across the following ground rules. I’m now posting them here so I don’t lose them again. Hopefully, they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped me. This is NOT posted towards anyone in particular.


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I will always love you. You are my family. I will support you in every way I can while still remaining true to myself. I expect you to do the same. And you should not “get over” the fact that I’m angry with you. It should bother you! Given what you know about me, the fact that I’m this angry …

You’re so vain

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I know that had nothing to do with me … and I feel bad for saying this … but if I don’t say it here, I know it’ll slip out at some other time … so … Thanks. It really is for the best – for everyone concerned – even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Dog-Sitting and other oddities

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A few months ago, I spent a few days house/dog-sitting for two of my Mom’s friends. Now, since I’m still technically unemployed, I’m doing it again until Tuesday. It’s kinda weird poking around in someone else’s house. It reminds me of when I used to babysit as a tweener. After I put the kids down, I would look thru all the kitchen drawers …

Happy V-Day

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Here’s a pic I took three years ago today for all my webcam fans. Aside from my computer now being in my office instead of my bedroom, not much has changed. Remember to smooch your loved ones extra special today and tell your friends you love them! I’ll be hiding from the snow/ice/sleet at home today. Drop me a note …