F*cked up day

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Today was just terrible. If we could go back and erase it, I’d be a happy girl. There were massive layoffs at my job today. A lot of people I thought of as friends are gone – just gone – and that makes me sad. Things aren’t going well for Flagg and that makes me very sad. How’s that song …

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2008!

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Another Quick Recap: I got my webcam up and running this past weekend so ya’ll MIGHT be seeing more of me (during evenings and weekends) at some point. I’m rejoining my old gym next week with plans to actually use the swimming pool this time. I’d like to get back in touch with those people I let drift in my recent NRE. If you’re …

Heading to work

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Friday, I got to see my favorite artist with my girl and her family before curling up beside her gorgeous body. Saturday was a wonderful, sleep-filled treat - first with my girl, then with my Daddy. Yesterday, I spent all day with my zoo. I am ready to face the week.

Blunders and weekend plans

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My class at TES on BDSM Blunders went really well last night. Thanks to all who attended and participated. It was especially nice to have my Daddy, Sister and Girlfriend all supporting me. This weekend will be busy in NYC with all the NYLW and PolyNYC events going on, but I’ll be home watching movies, catching up on e-mails, looking …

Gawd, I love camp!

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I’m totally exhausted, covered in welts and bruises, and am very happy with my life. Camp was great! I saw so many familiar faces and met a bunch of new ones. I had a few new experiences and repeated a bunch I haven’t touched in ages. I reconnected with some very important friends and added some more to my ever-expanding spiderweb …

Been a while

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I called out sick today. Trying to get better before my girlfriend and I head to DOSC07 on Thursday evening. I really missed Kimi and Daddy when they went to D*C and I stayed behind. We won’t be doing that again! FW was ok. Not great by any means but not the worst event I’ve been to either. It was nice …

Going well

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The new job is pretty good so far. They’re sending me on a business trip to middle-America tomorrow until Wednesday evening with two co-workers.  The girlfriend relationship is harder than I expected. You see, I wasn’t planning to get into anything serious. I really was just looking for a good time, a pleasant diversion, nothing emotional… I guess that’s typical – …

Serious catch-up

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A lot has happened in the last few weeks – I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted – so I’m going to hit the high points in bullet form and not in chronological order … My girl-pal is officially my girlfriend 🙂 I start a fulltime, with benefits, RealJob ™ tomorrow morning in Jersey City, NJ. Because I haven’t …

Another yummy weekend

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Last night I got to spend some yummy time with a good friend who I haven’t seen for months. I brought him a present just cause I saw it and thought of him and he got me a present too! Gotta love that! 🙂 Darling, if you’re reading this, thank you again! I can’t tell you how much that soft, …