Is Tatsumi you’re real name?
No, Tatsumi is a screen name I picked out of a Japanese baby book. It roughly translates to “beautiful dragon.” I chose it because I liked the meaning and the culture intrigues me. I’m American by birth. My family is Italian and Slovak. If you really want to know my given name, follow the links throughout this site and you just might find it 🙂

Where are you? Can we go out sometime?
I currently live in New Jersey (Princeton area). Sorry, but I don’t typically hook up with people I’ve met online.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
My first tattoo was on my inner hip. I never got it removed or covered over because it is a special symbol to me marking a time in my life that I will always treasure. When I quit smoking (Labor Day weekend, 2004) I got my second tattoo on my lower back of a dragon on a sword. Recently I got a large koi swimming up the right side of my torso. It hurt like hell and took almost a year to complete but it was totally worth it.
I have had several body piercings over the years (horizontal nipple piercings (twice), vertical nipple piercings, clit hood, right outer labia and a Madison which was a curved barbell at the front of my neck) but the only ones I wear jewelry in right now are my ears. All the others are out now for various reasons and I cherish their scars. Before you ask: Yes, they all hurt when they were pierced, and No, they don’t hurt anymore:)

Can I talk to you? Do you answer e-mail?
Probably not. I don’t usually get around to responding to emails and haven’t been on twitter in ages.

Do any of your friends and family know about this website? What do they think?
I don’t try to hide this site from my friends and family but I don’t push it in their faces either. Basically, I respect it when they say there are the parts of my life that they don’t want to know about in detail and I answer any questions they have with complete honesty.