Happy New Year & Welcome to 2008!

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Another Quick Recap:

  • I got my webcam up and running this past weekend so ya’ll MIGHT be seeing more of me (during evenings and weekends) at some point.
  • I’m rejoining my old gym next week with plans to actually use the swimming pool this time.
  • I’d like to get back in touch with those people I let drift in my recent NRE. If you’re one of these people, know that I haven’t forgotten about you entirely and try not to be too hard on me when I do get back in touch please.
  • I’m hoping to attend Dark Odyssey Winter Fire over Easter again this year.
  • I’m looking to buy a new car this Spring, but I don’t know what kind yet.
  • I’m planning to buy a residence of some sort (condo, townhouse, semi-detached, single family, etc.) in Northern NJ sometime in early 2009.
  • Pretty much across the board, my relationships are a lot of constant maintainance and hard work, but rewarding.
  • Nermal, our grey & white cat, hurt his leg (probably while taunting the dogs) and might need surgery. How do you convince a cat that he needs bed rest?! I’ll know more in two weeks.
  • Thankfully, my day job is going much better. I didn’t realize how draining it is to hate going work! Lucky for me, my boss likes me and is working with me to make my situation more than just tolerable.