I’m having a great time…

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… but I’m really tired too!

In reverse chronological order, from last night to my last entry, behind the cut.

Last night’s orgy was sooo much fun, but I was pretty bummed when I had to bail early in order to get enough sleep for work this morning. Still, I’m happy I got to go this time and it was so sweet to meet so many like-minded people! Next time, I’ll definately take the following morning off from work so I can stay and enjoy myself (and a few others) a little longer! 😉

Monday night, I went to see Fiest with my new girl-pal. (Editors Note: I haven’t checked with her yet to see if I can blog her name or call her my girl-pal or anything so this may be revised in the near future.) We’ve been getting pretty close over the last two weeks. It’s amazing to really talk to someone who has a similar past as mine, who really seems ‘gets’ me and is into S/M!

Sunday, Kimi borrowed my car to go to a writer’s meeting in Philly and I hung out with my grandparents and folks.

Saturday morning I headed home to hang out with my bio-family. My grandparents are only in town for a little while and I’d like to spend some time with them before they go back to Arizona. In the evening, I got Kimi from the train and we crashed out early – really early – around 8:30pm. I think I got 12 hours of sleep, in a row, that night – very cool, IMO. 🙂

Friday night’s class was great, but a bit long on technical details and too short on psychological motivations. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. Also, I’ll have to plan to stay after next time for some much needed play time. Just getting a glipse of my demo bottoms’ blood was not nearly enough to satisfy my blood-lust. My palms were itching most of the way home with the urge to rip open more flesh. Ah, well … next time 🙂