Scary Cat

In Family, Personal by tatsumi

Wretch, Flagg’s cat, is living with me while Flagg is otherwise occupied. My cat, Paine, and Daddy’s cat, Nermal, have been dealing with this intrusion very well since we all lived together a few years ago and this is the second time Wretch has come to stay here in my office. Really, things have been going great. Maybe too good?

After getting kitty-high on catnip, Wretch voluntarily left the office tonight and ventured downstairs to see where I had gotten to. Unfortunately the two goldens saw him before I did and they thought he was fair game to chase, corner and lick. The poor kitty was not pleased. I managed to get ahold of the dogs and my Mother carried him back to the relative safety of the second floor where he bee-lined it into my office, safe behind the baby gates.

A few hours later, the house is getting ready for bed while I’m checking some emails and I hear a weird noise behind me. I look over my shoulder and see Wretch on the love seat having what looks like a seizure. I grabbed a nearby towel and tried to hold him somewhat still. Not having any experience with seizures, I tried to stay calm and wondered how I could keep him from swallowing his toungue without getting clawed or bitten in the process. After a few seconds, his body went still – very very still and his eyes glazed over. I started to panic and noticed his back legs were wet (he lost his bladder control during the fit) and he had drooled a small puddle of spit under his chin, onto the couch. I went to lift him to me and could feel his heart pounding madly. I pulled him up and only felt the resistance of his claws that had came back into focus.

I stayed with him for a few minutes and after a bit he went and ate some kibble as if nothing had happened. Paine and Nermal were watching from the same spots they had been in all along. It’s been over an hour now but I’m wondering if it’s ‘safe’ to leave him alone and go to sleep. Of course, it’s a ridiculous worry because what would I do if he has another fit? The vet doesn’t open for another 8 hours and I don’t think I’d bring him to the kitty ER in the middle of the night. But maybe I would. It’s scary. I really hope it was just a reaction to the catnip from earlier tonight and not anything serious or ongoing.

Anyone who has any experience with this kinda thing – please share your thoughts, advice, concerns, etc… Thank you!