Weekend plans

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I don’t really feel like being social but I have some obligations so I’m going out and am determined to not let my funk infect others. Wish me luck:) Tonight, I’ll be taking sessions at Rapture from 7pm to 2am. Tomorrow, I’m working the door for the INTERMEDIATE AND BEGINNER’S BONDAGE WORKSHOP with David Lawrence. This workshop, taught by David …

Not good news

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I’m heading to the vet now. Wretch’s seizures continued (he’s has 6 that we know of) but his bloodwork came back normal so it’s probably a brain tumor. In his last fit he bit a hole in his tongue. I relayed the vet’s words to Flagg and he agreed – it’s time to let him go. Thanks for your sympathies. Wretch will be missed.

Scary Cat

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Wretch, Flagg’s cat, is living with me while Flagg is otherwise occupied. My cat, Paine, and Daddy’s cat, Nermal, have been dealing with this intrusion very well since we all lived together a few years ago and this is the second time Wretch has come to stay here in my office. Really, things have been going great. Maybe too good?

I have returned

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Last night, I got in from Pheonix and made it home without incident. After a quick reunion with my folks, Daddy came over and we spent the rest of the night ‘catching up’. I slept through most of today and am spending tonight at Rapture taking sessions and planning my activities for tomorrow night’s TES party. Hope ya’ll didn’t miss …

Heading to AZ

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I’m off to visit my grandparents for the week. While I’m in Arizona, I’m going to take a shift at DOI AZ on Wednesday. If you’re in the area, look me up. If not, look for me at Rapture next Friday and at Paddles for the TES party next Saturday.

Happy 2007!

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I have a bit of a head cold but even that didn’t stop me from bringing in the New Year at Paddles with 180 of my kinkiest friends from TES and DSF. I got to play with blood, see some old friends, make some new friends, be a social butterfly and celebrate with my Daddy, my sister and her friend. Here’s …