Can too much introspection be a bad thing?

In BDSM, Personal, Sex by tatsumi

Yes! Especially ill-timed introspection rushed by upcoming deadlines. What am I babbling about? In general – I’m talking about mood swings, transient emotions and a good sense of timing. Specifically – I’m talking about my last post and the events that lead up to it. But wait, there’s more…

I’ve always had rough mood swings. Pretty high highs and very low lows. Over the course of a few days, my emotions tend to average into something approaching rational but if I don’t let that sampling time happen I tend to blow things way out of proportion.

Case in point, Dark Odyssey 2006 Summer Camp. I have been wanting to go to this event since I heard about it 3 years ago but the universe has conspired against me for the last two years so I haven’t been able to manage it before now. Suddenly, the event is coming up in a matter of weeks and I needed to provide my final answer. Was I going or not?

Emotional turmoil ensued and before I could finish my internal averaging, the buzzer rang and I felt forced to answer. I balked and my Scaredy KatTM reared her head. She said we didn’t know and wanted more time. Luckily, more time was granted and after the previous post was completed, sanity prevailed. So now I am going to camp come hell, bugs or high water. And, I don’t even feel all freaked out about it.

Sometimes, when a girl says she’s not sure – the best thing to do it give her more time. At least, if that girl is me 🙂