All better now

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You may have noticed my site had a nasty cold (aka Malware infection) last week. Thanks to Soulhuntre, and an upgrade to WordPress 3.0, it’s all better now. Hope everyone (in the US) has a good Holiday weekend! 🙂

Working stiff

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Early last month I took a part time gig teaching computer basics and  fixing minor technical problems to cover some expenses. It’s actually pretty fun but the time away from my own work is getting to me. Suffice to say, I don’t have much room for blogging. Heck, I barely tweet these days! With any luck, this is a temporary situation and by this …

Tonight at DSF

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Time sure flies when you’re not paying attention! Tonight is my needle play class for DSF at Paddles in NYC. Click here for the full event description and details. I’m in a great mood, have 2 super-cute demo bottoms and a tentative play date after the class. Sadly my acupuncturist friend won’t be joining us this time. Even still, I’m …

Presenting the Goddess Tatsumi

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Looks like I’ll be giving my Needle Play class at DomSubFriends next month. Click here for the full event description and details. I wonder if the audience would mind if I showed up in a comfy t-shirt and jeans instead of kinky, fetish attire. <shrugs> Maybe the Goddess will have returned to me by then and I’ll feel like getting …

It’s not you, it’s me.

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A lovely person recently wrote the following in a FetLife post and it really resonated with me. People come and go in life. Some stay for a time, be it short, to teach, to learn or to grow. Some step in and back out because of their inability to accept, give, or receive what is needed or offered. Some are …

Short update

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Has it really been 4 months since my last update? Sheesh! All I can say in my defense is that I’ve been super chatty on twitter. You can follow me @tatsumi. So, to wrap up the last 4 months… I stopped doing Freelance Graphic Design and started my own company with my girlfriend. Soulhuntre and Kimi are both super supportive …

Too many drafts!

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I have 2 posts in draft stage, about Leather Retreat and TESFest, just waiting for me to finish them. I’ll get around to it eventually. In the meantime, I thought you all would like to know that the formerly-nameless-LGBTQ-talent-agency has been named PhinLi Bookings, LLC. You should check them out on twitter @PhinLi.


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Wednesday morning, I made myself a protein shake and tried to ignore the nausea that had been coming and going for the past 2 weeks. A few hours later, I started hiccuping. I’ve dealt with bouts of hiccups since high school and usually they go away on thier own after a few hours to 2 days. The longest I had …

Getting ready for Leather Retreat

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This year, instead of going to Dark Odyssey Summer Samp in September, I’m going to attend Dark Odyssey Leather Retreat during the last week of June. I’m a little apprehensive about going by myself, but I’m also really excited! I don’t have any play dates or sex dates set up yet but I do have a line on some cuddle …

A gloomy day that held so much promise

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I had big plans for today (there are 3 town street fairs within 20 miles of my house and 1 is a gay pride celebration) but it’s gloomy, rainy, damp, humid and kinda yuck outside. Soulhuntre, Kimiko and Seraphin are coming over anyway (because they’re great family and I’d kill them if they bailed) but now I’m not sure what …